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How to make ai art with Stable Diffusion

Gather your data

Before you can create AI art with Stable Diffusion, you will need to collect the appropriate data for your project. This could include images, audio files, video clips or text that are related to the theme or concept of your artwork. You can use these files to input as a seed or just to get your ideas on what you’d like to create all in one place.

Decide on a style and format

Once you have gathered your data, you need to decide on a style and format for your AI art. Stable Diffusion provides various options for generating visuals including pixel art, 3D models, and animation. Decide on which one works best for your project and include in your prompts.

Input the data

Stable Diffusion uses your inputted data to create unique visuals from it. These are called prompts You can inpute the prompts directly to Stable Diffusion models on replicate.com (what we use) or use Stable Diffusion directly from your pc if installed.

Customize your creation

Stable Diffusion allows you to customize the visuals it creates, allowing you to fine-tune the art according to your vision. Once you have your outputs you can then tweak by adjusting your prompts. You can adjust elements such as color, contrast and brightness, as well as adding filters or effects to your art.

Finalize and share

Once you are satisfied with the results Stable Diffusion produces, you can save the file in various formats, such as PNG or JPEG. You can then share your AI art on social media platforms or on your own website.

By following this five-point guide, you will be able to create AI art with Stable Diffusion in no time!


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